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Buddy Bear Friends is a Programme of Lead a Bright Future, awarded Social Enterprise of the Year by Business Gateway East and Midlothian. 

Lead a Bright Future brings out the best in young people.  We give young people the opportunity to make a positive difference for others and for their own future.  All funds raised go towards ensuring a brighter future for children and young people.

The idea to tackle bullying started with a conversation with a group of teen participants about personal experiences, which led to an  understanding of how widespread bullying is.  Anyone whose life has been touched by bullying knows how horrible and isolating it can be.  Fuelled with a passion to help prevent it from happening to any other children, for their project five inspiring teens were helped to write a children's picture storybook and the idea grew from there.  It now includes an amazing backpack of fun and educational resources for younger children, which is supported by the SQA Giving Something Back initiative and the Sweetpea Charitable Trust and is continuously evolving and growing.


This is the heart-warming new picture storybook for preschool and young children (approx. 4-7 years) to help prevent bullying and nurture friendship.  It is also a colouring in book, the lovely set of images provide a fun, relaxing and mindful activity for the children.

The talented children's author and illustrator Lucinda Hare or www.dragonsdome.com supported the LABF project in producing the book.


The Buddy Bear Backpack is a fun and educational resource for nurseries, infant schools and children's groups.  Full of inspiring and effective ideas, tools and activities to help young children in their formative years (approx. 4-7 years) nurture friendships, wellbeing and potential. 

Included in the backpack are a Buddy Bear soft toy, the Buddy Bear Beats Bullying picture storybook as well as the exciting range of fun and educational materials and activities.  These have been mapped across the Curriculum for Excellence outcomes and Getting it Right for Every Child indicators. 

The Buddy Bear Backpack aims to reinforce the workshops and Buddy Bear's key KAPAW message: Be KIND to your self and others / Take ACTION to be a good friend / PLAY nicely together / ASK an adult you know for help / Look after your WELLBEING.

Contact us to discuss bringing Buddy Bear Friends team into your nursery, infant school or children's group.

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